If you’re planning on getting married soon, you’re probably aware of how expensive weddings can be. Nationwide, couples spend an average of $26,720 on their weddings, but this changes dramatically depending on the state you plan to exchange vows in.

So, how much are the couples in your area actually spending? 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the average cost of a wedding in every state.

28. Florida
> Cost of a typical wedding: $25,937
> Number of weddings in 2016: 147,138 (3rd highest)
> Average household income: $70,462 (21st lowest)
> Average engagement ring: $3,322 (23rd highest)

Whether the couple spends the money or their parents do, expensive weddings often mean someone can afford to do so. This is why the cost of a wedding often reflects area incomes. Couples joining in matrimony that spend more than the national average often live in states where incomes are relatively high.

While the price of each wedding, and what couples spend on each of the details such as entertainment or catering, varies between states, the share of each component out of the entire wedding cost tends to be relatively consistent nationwide. For example, venue, catering, and rental costs which include transportation and hotel bookings, are by far the most expensive part of weddings in every state, accounting for some 45% of all wedding budgets nationwide.

Jewelry is the second most expensive item of a wedding, with engagement rings costing $3,400 on average nationwide. Photography — including photographers, albums, and prints — account for about 10% of the total wedding cost, the third largest component of spending on weddings in the United States.

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